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PV-15T19S Product Instruction
Thankyou for choosing our PV junction boxes which produced by Zhejiang Forsol Energy Co.,Ltd.To enable you to correct, fast and safe use of the product, please read this Instructionscarefullybefore using.
1.The product structure and size:

2.The technical parameters:

額定沖擊電壓Rated impulse voltage: 16000V DC
額定電壓Rated voltage: 1500V             
額定電流Rated current: 20A
安全等級Safety class: Class II
線纜截面積Cable range: 4mm2
溫度范圍Temperature range: -40oC﹣+85oC
防護等級Protection class: IP68
阻燃等級Flammability rating: UL94-V0
3. The installation Notes:
① Before the formal installation of the junction box, it should first confirm that thePV module is not in working condition.If it must be installed in the sunlight, please use a sun shield covering the PV moduleto avoid current and cause an electrical shock.The body can not contact the positive and negativeto simultaneously of the connector to avoid electric shock.
② Before using, the Junction box cover is loose, after the wiring is completed to ensure the junction box cover seal.
③The positive and negative of terminals and cables are clearly defined,users can not reverse polarity,doing so may result in serious consequences.
4. 如果要進行系統維護,請務必使系統處于停止工作狀態后再進行;
④ If you want to perform system maintenance, make sure that the system is stopped before performing.
5. 請勿對接線盒、連接器、電纜施加外力或重壓,對電纜線的拉力<400N;
⑤Don't put on the box, the connector and the cable to exert a force or weight.TheCable can withstand the tension is less than 400N.
6、 推薦使用脫醇和脫丙酮型硅膠;如果使用脫肟型硅膠,在生產儲存過程中,必須使硅膠中的2-丁酮肟完全揮發出去,否則可能導致塑件部件開裂,金屬件被腐蝕等不良現象。
⑥ It is recommended to use off alcohol and acetone siliconegel. If you use Oxime silicone, in the process of production and storage, must make the 2-butanone oxime insilicone volatile out completely, otherwise it may result in the crack of the plastic parts, metal parts as well as the corrosion phenomenon.
4.Installation and usage:
陰影為硅膠涂抹區The shaded area is silicone coated area匯流條焊接Bus-bar welding
灌膠量The amount of glue上蓋蓋入順序Cover assembly sequence

1. 如圖一所示陰影區域為硅膠涂抹區,涂抹方式為沿打膠筋涂入硅膠,待沿打膠筋旋轉一圈后將底盒壓入背板上。
1、As shown in FIG1 shaded area is silica coated area, Daub way for the reinforcement of sealant with the silica gel, after being a turns along the reinforcement of sealant to press the bottom box into back on. .
2. 匯流條從底座底部往上穿入連接板方孔內,然后用電烙鐵把匯流條焊住(焊接過程中需加錫),焊接過后注意檢查焊接牢靠性。
2、Make the Bus-bar through the hole on the connection plate from the base bottom, and then use the handle of the electric iron bars welded (with tin welding), check the reliability of welding after it.
3. 如圖三所示將每個接線盒灌膠灌入相應毫升的灌封膠(左右10ml,中間8.5ml)。
3、As shown in figure 3 to fill the glue into each junction box (10 ml for left and right, 8.5 ml for middle)
4. 如圖四所示,灌膠后需要將底盒放置于陰涼處等待膠液凝固,待凝固后方可蓋上上蓋。上蓋先扣上底部卡扣(如圖五),再扣左右卡扣(如圖六)。
4、As shown in Figure 4, after filling the glue, the bottom box needs to be placed in a cool place to wait for the glue to solidify, and the upper cover can be covered after solidification. The upper cover first buckles the bottom buckle (as shown in Figure 5), and then buckles the left and right buckles (Figure 6).
5. 打開蓋子的方法:蓋子需要打開,取一把一字螺絲刀(如圖七),從側門左右撬開蓋子(如圖八)。
5、How to open the lid: The lid needs to be opened, take a flat-blade screwdriver (as shown in Figure 7), and open the lid from the side door (see Figure 8).









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